PV Inverter

All FSP off-grid inverters are delivered pure sine wave AC power, and they are able to connect either capacitive loads or inductive loads. For reliability thinking, we will recommend to powering 80% load and it will prolong the lifetime.

Yes, same as crystalline type PV module. But still recommend customer to check with module suppliers before matching up with transformerless inverter.

There are 7 elements will influence the effective, list as below:

1. Yearly aging on PV module and inverter;
2. Miss matching of PV modules;
3. Dust, snow, shadowed by objects, like bird shit, leaf or trees, buildings…
4. DC and AC wiring impedance;
5. Power conversion efficiency of inverter;
6. Feed in transformer, if applicable;
7. Malfunction and maintenance, off duty.

There are three important parameters of PV module should be found out before calculate: STC power (Wp), open circuit voltage (Voc) and nominal voltage (Vmp). And two specification of inverter need to considered: Max. PV input power, Max. operating PV Voltage and Min. MPPT/operating voltage. Here comes an example:

    AUO PV module: SunBravo PM060MW4/ STC: 330 Wp; Voc = 40.3V; Vmp = 33V 

    FSP103PV-230TH-48: Max. PV input power: 14,800W; Max. operating PV Voltage: 900V; Min. MPPT voltage: 400V

     * 14,800W/ 330 Wp = 44.8 (pcs), you can choose 44 ~ 48 (+10%)pcs base on your budget and installation spacing.

     * 900V/40.3 Voc = 22.3, that’s mean 22pcs in one string is the upper limit.

     * 400V/33 Vmp = 12.1, that’s mean 13pcs in one string is the lower limit.

     * The best configuration shall be 48/3 = 16; MPPT 1: 16S1P and MPPT 2: 16S2P

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