Grand IND 3/1 10–120kVA/384Vdc



• Online double-conversion with DSP control

• Robust electrical performance to prevent damage from top and bottom connections

• Screwless cabinet design and fully coating PCBAs to withstand harsh environment

• specific ventilation design to increase the efficiency of heat dissipation

• High short-circuit and overload capabilities

• Flexible battery configuration and management to adapt different applications & prolong battery life

• Accepts dual-mains input, helpful for uptime tier rating

• Parallel redundancy operation up to 4 units (option)

• Easy to integrate into existing electrical network or generator

• Front access makes maintenance and replacement easily


FSP Grand industrial UPS, true double conversion topology with internal galvanic isolation and static bypass switch which solves ultimately all types of input power disturbances, such as noise, lightning, and leakage current etc. Through advanced technology of PWM, DSP and IGBT designed, Grand UPS continually process control and become a high frequency and efficiency product, and high reliable components selected which can tolerant & endure extreme power problems to ensure, to offer the best power quality for the protection of industrial mission critical equipment. Product rating range is from 10kVA - 120kVA that can fulfill different industrial segments, heavy-duty, Military with high reliability.


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