PowerManager Offgrid IV



  • Power factor 1 high frequency inverter
  • Tri-Power solar, utility and battery management
  • Output power source priorization & timer configuration
  • Detachable LCD controller
  • Built-in Bluetooth for mobile monitoring(Android)
  • Compatible with Lithium iron battery
  • USB On-the-GO function
  • Support generator
  • Cold start function


Via new design concept, FSP integrated high photovoltaic voltage input, Lithium iron battery communication, and Bluetooth mobile monitoring to enhance user experiences. The model fulfills not just unity output power factor, but also satisfies independent application.
It supplies stable and reliable pure sine wave 230Vac power, charges batteries with an integrated MPPT 4kW charger controller. User can define how to use their energy generation through front LCD panel to optimize power consumption. More Simple, More Capable


ME 2D Drawings
ME 3D Drawings
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