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  • 3X faster than normal charger
  • LED signal indicator(Standby/Charging/Charger/Abnormal)
  • Perfect heat dissipation 
  • Operating temperature range: -10 to 40°C
  • Optimized charging module design
  • Charging efficiency over 94%
  • Lightweight 660g and compact product dimensions: 177*86*32.2mm  
  • Complete charging protection design: OVP, UVP, SCP, reverse polarity protection, charger OTP, battery OTP, and timing protection
  • EMC : EN55014-1,55014-2; EN61000-3-2,61000-3-3
  • Safety : IEC/EN 60335-1; 60335-2-29
  • Application : e-bike battery charger, e-motorcycle battery charger, e-scooter battery charger, e-wheelchair battery charger

FSP_Battery Charger_ 252W Fan Less Battery Charger

제품 설명

Electric wheelchairs, e-scooter and e-bike battery chargers. 42V/6A output saves much charge time than the normal 42V/2A output chargers.Fan less design, several DC Jack options in order to meet
customization needs.

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