산업용 PC전원

제품 특성

  • 낮은 전류 총합 왜형률
  • 작동 온도: 0 to 50°C
  • 해발 5천 미터 사용 설계
  • OCP, OTP, OVP 회로 보호 지원
  • 모든 출력에서 단락 보호
  • 전원 중단시 복귀 가능
  • 평균 무고장 시간: 25°C, 100% 출력 부하에서 10만 시간 연속 작동

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제품 설명

FSP2400-20FM is a redundant power supply module base on CRPS standard. The power supply comes to offer the total power capacity up to 2400 Watts, and provides PMbus features, which makes it be able to communicate with motherboard. In addition, the power supply is ideally the best choice for datacenter, workstation, communication or any other automation applications to use. The product also complies with the latest safety and EMC standards, which is perfectly to meet various regulations worldwide.

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