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제품 특성

  •  Certified Medical Safety IEC 60601-1
  •  Meet Home Healthcare Environment IEC 60601-1-11 Design
  •  Input Voltage Range 80-264 VAC
  •  Meet IP22
  •  DOE Energy Efficiency Level VI
  •  No Load Power Consumption ≦ 0.1W
  •  Operating Altitude 5,000M
  •  Over Voltage/ Over Current/ Short Circuit Protections
  •  Compliant with RoHS requirement

제품 설명

This product is high efficiency wall mount adapter with fixed European AC plug, which output voltage is 24V and maximum output power is 30W. The unit meet home healthcare standard and is designed for medical applications.

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의료용 전원 장치 FSP030M-KAE
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