제품 특성

  • AC & PV dual inputs
  • High-power charger (600W) and inverter (1.5kVA)
  • High conversion efficiency (>90%)
  • 4.3” LCD touch panel
  • Selectable operating mode (on-line or stand-by)
  • Selectable ac output frequency (50Hz/60Hz)
  • Selectable ac output voltage (100V/120V)
  • System status (including battery) monitoring
  • Individual on/off control for AC and DC out
  • AC and DC output status LED Indicators
  • Cascade operations
  • IPx3 design

제품 설명

EMERGY 3K+ Series are All-in-One System that integrate Li-Ion Battery System, Battery Management System, AC charger, Photovoltaic (PV) charger, DC to AC inverter & System Control, and can be used as a battery back-up power system, portable electricity for factory, medical and outdoor and so on.

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