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제품 특성

  • Class-I design
  • HVDC 128~310V input operation
  • PFC function build in
  • 1.5KVac isolated between PE and RETURN
  • Surge protection ±2 KV diff., ±4 KV com
  • High altitude 5000 meters operation
  • Output power no de-rating at 90~264Vac & -20 ~ 50℃ operating

제품 설명

This AC-DC switching power supplies is a Class-I (with Protection Earth) safety construction in a package of 2 x 4 x 1.126 inches. It’s suitable for 1U chassis design. Standby power consumption less than 0.5W at 0.2W load condition is comply with Energy Star requirement. This PSU is capable of delivering 250 watts continuous power at 14 CFM forced air cooling or 150 watts continuous power at convection cooling, both are operation at 50℃ temperature. Product is suitable for audio, information, and networking application.

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