FSP will showcase a new 700W PC ATX medical power supply design at CMEF


【Taipei News, April 17th, 2023】The 87th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) Spring Exhibition will be held May 14th-17th, 2023. This year, the FSP700M-70PB medical-compliant 700W PC ATX power supply will be introduced. The power supply complies with the intel® ATX V3.0 Multi Rail platform design, has high motherboard compatibility, and suitable for the X86 platform ATX; the high DC conversion efficiency conforms to the 80PLUS GOLD standard. The product has safety certification for Medical (IEC 60601-1) and ITE (IEC 62368-1) regulations and meets IEC-60601-1-2 EMC requirements. The design is suitable for numerous medical and non-medical applications, including ultrasonic equipment, X-ray, image analysis, and AI data calculation.


FSP and its brand PROTEK POWER offer a wide range of medical power supplies, including ATX, adapters, open frame, and battery backup power supplies. These products work well with most medical devices, including ultrasonic testing, image analysis, hemodialysis, biochemical testing, respirators, electrocardiogram testing, anesthesia machines, physical therapy machines, medical beds, and so on.


FSP has been actively involved in the medical power supply industry for decades, launching dozens of medical power supply products with excellent quality, high stability, and complete safety certifications; it also provides semi-customized services with minor modifications. You are most welcome to initiate contact with us.

FSP Booth Information

Date: May 14th, 2023-May 17th, 2023

Exhibition venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

Booth number: 8.1 P43


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