Social Participation

With the development and flourishment, FSP has held environmental protection related activities in and out of the company.
Give back the public with a grateful heart of “earn from the society but benefit the society”. Encourage FSP groups and family dependents to join the society.
Hold mountain forest and beach cleanup activities, donate loved items, raise money and hold dream plans for foster children.

FSP Group Power Donation Activity
FSP Green Healthy Organic Market
FSP Group Cycling Day on Nanliao Fishing Port
Zhuwei Fishing Harbor Beach Cleanup
Friendly Land-Food Agriculture Education
FSP Annual Party
Embrace Happiness E Plan
FSP Group Kids Summer Camp
Whole staff enjoys hiking joy, with happy excursion
FSP Public service lecture- The Power of Love
The delivery of Christmas Dream B Plan
A clean beach Environmental protection EZ GO
Taiyuan series of activities
Hand in hand Dream A Plan
One-day farmer experience camp
Forster rice during Taiwan Travel, and help old famer to live good in winter
FSP Power Run
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