FSP 30th Anniversary
Messages from the Chairman

Since its inception three decades ago, FSP Group has always been loved and supported by many partners, who have made us who we are today. In the past 30 years, in order to meet the needs of the market, we had been focused on the field of PC power supplies, constantly striving to perfect and enhance our technical strength in research and development. Now, entering the application field of non-PC power supplies, we have been constantly adding value for both our cooperative partners and ourselves, while contemplating what our ultimate goal is.

【We Make the World Better】Yes! Driven by this belief, we continue to move forward under the guiding principles of deepening sustainable value, building a better environment, and advancing with the times in a rebalanced way.

  • We will continue to develop power supply technologies and explore business opportunities, in order to pursue corporate and environmental sustainability.
  • We will promote energy saving and carbon reduction, and strengthen social engagement, to connect the environment and stakeholders in achieving the co-prosperity.
  • We will promote sports and cultural activities, so as to achieve rebalancing at the physical, psychological, and cultural levels.

We expect to and are confident in the construction of our next glorious achievements.

We cultivate sustainable values, construct a beautiful environment and balance ourselves

“We Make the World Better" is our enduring belief. While we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we are already making plans for the future. At FSP, we are committed to sustainable value creation, vow to make the environment sustainable and build a beautiful environment together, while keeping up with the times to rebalance ourselves in moving forward. As a responsible corporate citizen, we are dedicated to making the world a better place.

Cultivating sustainable values

We are dedicated to the sustainable development of the company as well as the environment. In that respect, we hope to become a global leader in green energy solutions that reach people’s everyday lives, contributing positively to the environment. With innovative services and top quality products, our mission is to create maximum value for customers, employees and shareholders.

Our mission and vision are closely linked to the spirit of sustainability. The Company's innovative products and services make it stronger, generating sustainable growth and profitability, while our green energy solutions will make significant contributions to the sustainability of the environment. We will continue to incorporate the essence of sustainability into our daily operations and shape and deepen our sustainability values through constant communication and revision.

Constructing a better environment

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are used as the guiding principle for FSP's sustainable development strategy blueprint, taking into account 3 major aspects: “economic growth”, “social progress”, and “environmental protection”. Based on this, we have developed short-, medium-, and long-term implementation strategies and goals to strive for the common good by enhancing operational efficiency, protecting the natural environment, and engaging in society. We will continue to constantly communicate with our stakeholders to truly put our commitment for a beautiful environment to practice.

Keeping up with the times and rebalancing

As global citizens, we acknowledge our responsibility in implementing ESG in our daily operations. In the face of extreme global climate change in recent years, epidemic, geopolitical, political, and information security risks have increased, threatening the sustainability of the environment and companies. In addition to following the spirit of international principles and standards, FSP timely adjusts its organizational pace and operational strategies to respond to environmental and regulatory changes. Meanwhile, we effectively communicate with our stakeholders to maintain optimal balanced organizational resilience.