FSP reveals comprehensive power solution strategy, targeting 5G fragmentation trend


【Taipei, May 17th, 2021】With the coming of 5G era, various applications lead to fragmented demands while attributes of communication equipment become non-branded (white-box) and intellectualized. This trend urges many manufacturers specialized in information technology to invest in the development of network communication technology and compete for equipment like 5G end application, base station, transmission network, core network and cloud datacenter.


No matter which 5G field the manufacturer chooses to dive into, the hardware must include power solutions addressing standards like high power density and intelligent power management. As the worldwide leading power supply manufacturer, FSP Group invests in the development of thousands of standard power supplies. Moreover, FSP offers custom power services meeting customer demands and plays a key role to facilitate non-branded equipment manufacturers to speed time to market.


According to Ting-Chuan Chu, Senior Manager of FSP product market department, based on the experiences accumulating from PC power and adapter, FSP has been dedicated to the market of datacenter for years and laid a solid foundation of power supplies used in information products deployed in the cloud or at ends. Now, FSP is targeting the new field of CT (communication technology) products, the segment between cloud and end. The main differences from information products include fragmented application, type versability and deployment environment covering indoor/outdoor/semi-outdoor and these lead to various power supply demands.


Telecom products used indoor are usually installed in core (telecom room) field, with a power design specification similar to cloud datacenter. However, the input power of telecom room is 48V/DC and the cloud datacenter usually uses an input power of 220V/DC. This means FSP should enable one power supply to accommodate to 2 inputs, which is different from the traditional concept that “one specification fits all applications”, and poses challenges to product design.


Chu continued to mention that white box 5G equipment is an inevitable global trend because of the “333” policy of 5G generation, meaning the tripled equipment quantity (because 5G has a shorter transmission and narrower signal range) leads to a triple power demand and tripled total cost of ownership. Therefore, it is difficult for the operator to continue using costly and expensive all-in-one telecom equipment and this forces them to borrow the idea similar to computers to lower the construction cost of 5G equipment.


Manufacturing computer product has been the strength of Taiwan. As a long-term partner of such manufacturers, FSP works closely with customers to develop 5G power supplies when customers set foot in telecom equipment.


FSP Manager Shao-Hui Cai stated that FSP is targeting the opportunities brought by smart factories associated with 5G and has started to invest in the charger used on AGV (automatic guided vehicle). He also emphasized this type of product is different from traditional chargers and adopts a more custom design, such as the support of inductive charging. The charger also needs to include the special design for harsh environment, support fast charging and be waterproof and dustproof.


FSP Senior Manager Joey Cheung stressed that currently FSP has 15 different lines of power products, with each line covering various standards to offer a total of thousands of options. Such a comprehensive lineup is rare, even in the global market. The strong R&D team consisting of more than 500 professionals is also one of the essential assets allowing FSP to work with customers to seize 5G opportunities together.


More importantly, various FSP standard power supplies have been applied to numerous applications to solve a variety of difficulties customers are facing and FSP accumulates abundant experiences through this. With over 30 service centers all over the world, FSP provides local services to 5G white box equipment manufacturers. Through the discussion of potential issues with different power supply configurations before the kickoff, FSP helps customers to explore the most appropriate standard and provides quick custom modification to the desired layout. Hence, characteristics like the diversity of standards, capabilities of solving problems and the efficiency realized by globalized service fully demonstrate FSP’s unparalleled competitiveness of 5G power supplies.


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