60V Battery Chargers: Product Catalog & Selection Guide




You must have a decent battery charger if you want automotive devices to work correctly. Having a good charger is as important as having the right battery and a good battery life.

The performance of the battery depends on how often you use it and how carefully you charge it. A charger can help ensure your battery is powerful and resilient over time. Continue reading to get a better idea of applications for 60V battery chargers and how to pick one. This product catalog and selection guide will lead you in the right direction so you’re satisfied with your final purchase.


Typical Applications for 60V Battery Chargers

The main purpose of using a 60V battery charger is for your automotive needs. It can include anything from an e-bike or electric scooter to other new energy transportations. In addition, you may use it for an electric motorcycle, a golf cart, sightseeing car, cleaning car, low-speed car, and other kinds of devices that fall into this category. A battery charger 60V should be your top choice when you’re looking to power up these types of automotive devices.


How to Pick 60V Battery Chargers

You have options when it comes to choosing 60V battery chargers. Therefore, you may want to know some tips and best practices for picking one out. You should make sure that the battery you’re considering has an optimized charging circuit design and is made by a trusted manufacturer. It’ll help to review the features of the battery you’re thinking about buying too. For instance, you want it to not only be lightweight but also waterproof if possible. Consider what type of automotive device you’re trying to power up as well. You should double-check that the battery you select is right for the application and intended use. Also, confirm that the battery you’re thinking about purchasing is safe and has obtained the proper safety certification. You might want to consider working with a company or manufacturer that offers customized service to better meet your needs.


60V Battery Charger Recommendations

There are some 60V battery charger recommendations that you should review before you make a selection. This will help ensure you’re on the right path and pick a battery that’s suitable for you and your needs. Continue reading to get a better idea of the features and applications of each 60V power supply or charger.

·         FSP600-1UAC01: The FSP600-1UAC01 car charger is designed on the premise of miniaturization, is lightweight, and high efficiency. It’s also dustproof and waterproof so that you can keep it better protected. The ideal applications for this specific battery are for electric bicycles, electric locomotives, unmanned vehicles, and unmanned transport robots. It’s not only lightweight and has an external waterproof fan but it can also be customized.

·         FSP246-13S4A5C18: Another recommendation is the FSP246-13S4A5C18 which is a programmable charger that supports charging voltage 50.4V-58.8V. It’s moderately sized and has obtained safety certification. While there’s no fan design, it has several applications such as light electric vehicles like e-bikes and e-scooters. It offers a multi-line protection design and more than 90% efficiency.

·         FSP1800C-1Q01C: You should also think about getting the FSP1800C-1Q01C 60V battery charger. It’s a high-performance car charger with a metal stamping shell, external fan design, and is IP65 waterproof and dustproof grade. There is a wide range of applications for this particular battery charger such as electric stacker Robots, unmanned handling robots, and electric vehicles.

·         FSP164-13S3AC8: If you’re looking for a programmable battery charger then this is it. It’s moderately sized and contains a complete protection circuit. Applications include light electric vehicles such as e-bikes and e-scooters. It’s a fanless design with a plastic case and more than 90% efficiency. It offers a customized charging curve and has a variety of connector options that comply with safety certification.

·         FSP1100-1UAC01: Consider getting the FSP1100-1UAC01 if you’re looking for a battery charger that has a programmable design and adjustable charging curve. The applications and typical uses include electric stackers, unmanned handling robots, and electric transportation. It’s a smart car charger with a metal stamping shell, IP67 external fan. It’s also considered waterproof and dustproof grade. You have the option of customizing the wires and terminals on this battery charger.


FSP’s Customize Ability

FSP Group is one of the global leading power supply manufacturers. FSP's experienced safety team can help customers solve different regulatory requirements in various regions and reduce unnecessary costs. One of the benefits of working with and using the products from FSP is that you have the ability to customize the features and batteries. For instance, for some of them the wires, terminals, and charging curves can be made according to customer needs. This service gives you some input so you can get the product you need how you want it.

FPS battery chargers can be used on a wide variety of applications for different fields, including external chargers. There is an optimized circuit design, programmable charging curve, and highly efficient heat dissipation processing that protects the battery effectively and prolongs battery life. We’re happy to provide customized service and design products that are most suitable for customer applications based on different battery specifications, usage environment conditions, and safety requirement assessments. FSP provides customized services because we care about offering the best possible experience when choosing us and using our products.



Battery chargers are an important aspect and element of ensuring your battery works correctly and stays working overtime. With the right charger, you’ll have a better user experience and can ensure that your devices are powered up and working efficiently. The 60V battery chargers are the optimal choice for powering up your automotive devices and meeting your needs in this area. You should now have a better idea of the typical uses for this type of charger, how to pick one, and some recommendations to consider using this catalog and selection guide. Most importantly, once you secure a battery charger be sure to take good care of it so that it works properly and lasts a long time.

About FSP

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