The Unique High Wattage ATX PS2 Redundant Power Supply in the World


【Taipei, Jul. 28th, 2020】 The ATX PS2 redundant power supply has a unique evolved version of next generation! The significantly improved edge and visual computing technologies and the further upgrading of computing processing capability for server applications in recent two years have led to increasing power consumption of CPU and GPU every year. Many customers reported a significantly increased demand of hardware equipment suppliers for server and workstation based structures, and asked for an opportunity to provide the FSP ATX PS2 redundant power supply with more wattages and without increase of its current size. With the support of our outstanding R&D capability, we overcome the difficulties in the design of circuits in high power density and the cooling of heat source components, and officially introduce the 900W PS2 FSP900-50REB redundant power supply that has the same size as the 1G mechanism (compatible with most of the commercial ATX enclosures, PS2 enclosures, industrial computers, and rack-mount and 3U server chassis) and is compliant with the IEC 62368 safety specifications for new generation products. The user can upgrade the host to a server that provides edge computing capabilities or is equivalent to a workstation by upgrading the power supply. FSP900-50REB has many features as described below

Sever-Equivalent 80Plus Gold Power Supply

FSP900-50REB has passed the 80Plus Gold efficiency certification. The power factor correction and the dual DC converter assure the product of stable high-efficient power and minimum ripples and noises. FSP900-50REB is capable of providing a conversion performance of up to 90% when running at 50% load. The electrical and cooling costs will be reduced effectively with the support of this high-efficient power supply.


Standardized Appearance/Economic Upgrading Solution

FSP900-50REB is the ideal upgrading solution for server power supplies. The same housing is designed for all the models of the series. The user who plans to use a product of the same series with different wattages only needs to buy a power supply module for replacement and, thus, reduces the change and purchase costs substantially.


High Reliability and Hot Swapping Support

Both power supply modules use separate power supply channels. They share loads and output power stably in a high-efficient manner during normal operation. When failure occurs to any one of them, the other module takes over the entire power distribution automatically to minimize the risk of downtime due to power failure. FSP900-50REB supports hot swapping. The failed power supply can be removed and replaced with a new one without the need to shut down the machine during the troubleshooting. The product is compliant with FCC, CB, TUV, CE, UL, and CCC standards to provide upgraded reliability.



Other Features:



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