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【Taipei, Oct.29th, 2020】With the gradual popularization of remote and home medical applications, FSP Group’ s subsidiary Protek Power has developed two types of power supplies intended for home medical care, which have improved self-operation safety for home medical device users.


The FSP120M-K and FSP500M-K47 are intended for Class II medical devices. These power supplies can receive an input voltage range of 80-264 VAC. A stable output voltage is provided through active power factor correction. In addition to serving home users, voltage conversion due to the varying voltages when traveling internationally is no longer a concern. These power supplies can also operate normally at an altitude of 5000 meters. Consumer minds are set at ease when using these products.


The exclusive features and application fields of the FSP120M-K and FSP500M-K47 are introduced below:

Product Features of the FSP 120M-K:

Applications of the FSP 120M-K:



Product Features of the FSP500M-K47:

Applications of the FSP500M-K47:


Protek Power has devoted time and effort in the medical power industry for more than three decades. It specializes in the development of various power supplies intended for medical devices. The company also boasts a resourceful R&D team and resources. Feel free to contact us to discuss your customized needs.



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