FSP Battery Charger with Highly Customized Design Service


【Taipei, Jan.27th, 2021】When selecting a battery charger, it is necessary to consider several factors to prevent a malfunction of the battery or even damages to the equipment resulted from the incorrect operation. FSP provides a wide series of battery charger suitable for 7S-16S battery modules. A power output ranging from 84W-20KW makes it perfect for massive applications in different fields, including external chargers or on-board chargers. Features like optimized circuit design, programmable charging curve and high-efficiency heat dissipation can effectively protect the battery, extend the service life, enable a stable and long-lasting operation and decrease the cost of use. FSP provides customized services to design the most ideal product for customer application based on different battery spec, conditions of operating environment and evaluations of safety standard.


FSP battery chargers feature high performance, high reliability, high-efficiency heat dissipation, programmable and full protection design. Products can be divided by applications, including light electric vehicles, electric vehicles and industrial vehicles.


Light Electric Vehicle Applications:

Battery chargers suitable for handheld and portable devices. Lightweight and compact products are used to address various safety regulations for physical contact situations. Take the charger for electric bicycles for example, this series features 90% high energy conversion efficiency, miniaturized and portable design characteristics and visualized charging status indications, and can be charged under -10°C~+40°C environments. Related products have already passed safety certifications in many countries for your selection.


Electric Vehicle Applications:

This series of battery chargers is suitable for purely electric/hybrid-powered/range extender and other modes of transportation utilizing new energy. Products possess high conversion efficiency and meet water-proof and dust-proof levels, enabling normal operation under rigorous environments as well as ensuring smooth and stable operation of transportation.


Industry Applications:

This lineup is suitable for mobile warehouse machines or handling devices operating with frequent high-level vibrations, impacts, and temperature changes (including refrigeration). FSP can customize highly reliable and high quality on-board chargers according to customer needs.


Besides selecting based on the aforementioned applications, it is still necessary to confirm various conditions including the suitable input voltage, battery type, charging voltage according to battery spec, current and charging time design. Possessing professional R&D and manufacturing capability, FSP is your best choice when selecting the battery charger supplier. We not only provide enhanced product safety, but also the customized development service according to your actual application demands.



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