The Best Power Supply Choices for Blockchain Industrial Applications


【Taipei News, August 25, 2021】The World Economic Forum has specified that blockchain is one of the most important technologies second to the Internet. From the development of blockchain 1.0 to 3.0, from bitcoins to various virtual currencies, from public blockchain, consortium blockchain to private blockchain platform development, it is estimated that 10% of global GDP will store transactions through blockchain technology, foreseeing booming industrial application developments in the future. Therefore, all storage devices need a power supply featuring high performance and high stability to maintain the blockchain's uninterrupted power supply for storing transactions.

Through FSP’s strong R&D team and years of power supply development experience, the blockchain industry is provided with power supplies featuring high environmental tolerance, a long product life cycle, and various protection circuits. Below are FSP’s several high-efficiency power supplies launched targeting blockchain industry applications, which are the best choices for system integrators or DIY players.

<FSP2000-52AGPBI> Product Features:


<FSP1000-50ADB> Product Features:


<FSP1200-20FM> Product Features:


<CANNON PRO 2000W> Product Features:


Ethereum miners often assemble mining machines from components that can be purchased through channels. IPC ATX PSU with high wattage requirements complements the main system operations, which high-stability CRPS supplements as the power drive for high-power graphic cards. The recommended power solutions applicable to miners: FSP1000-50ADB, coupled with FSP1200-20FM and CC1 modular back panel for use in mining machines with high-end graphic cards installed.


As a major manufacturer of power supplies, FSP has launched high-quality power supplies that can be applied in various fields, which is an important behind-the-scenes promoter for the industries


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