The FSP Website in Korean Language Officially Goes Online


【Taipei News, Nov 11, 2021】Founded in 1993, the FSP is among the major well-known power supply manufacturers in the world. With a professional technical team made up of more than 400 professionals, strong production capabilities, and complete production lines, the Company offers solutions to cater to users with different power supply needs. With more than 600 models that have received 80PLUS certificates, the FSP has become the manufacturer in the world with the highest number of 80PLUS certificates. By the continuous provision of best environmentally-friendly and high-quality power products to consumers, the users may contribute to the protection of the Earth’s environment while enjoying the technology.


The FSP has actively engaged in the Korean market in recent years, and the number of Korean customers have continued to grow. To provide the Korean customers with the latest first-hand information, the FSP has announced the official website in Korean language will officially go online to provide Korean customers with a friendlier user interface. Korean users can now easily understand all kinds of information provided by FSP in their familiar language, including product information, latest news, technical articles, application trends, etc.


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