FSP introduces new power adapter series that's 50% smaller but works more efficiently


【Taipei News, Nov 22, 2021】FSP Group, a leading manufacturer of power supplies, announced the launch of the new FSP U3 series adapter today. The new U3 series adaptor is 50% smaller than its predecessors, making the high-performance CoC tier 2, DOE VI and Energy Star certified adapter one of the most efficient, compact and reliable options available.


With the computing performance of computers and electronic devices becoming more and more powerful, the power wattage they require is also increasing. The FSP U3 Series goes against this trend by offering high load capacity and efficiency in a significantly smaller package. To address the ever-growing need for power efficiency in a smaller footprint, FSP Group, has unveiled its smallest-ever power adapter - the FSP U3 Series Ultra-Slim Adapter.


Available in 90W, 120W, 135W, 150W and 180W variants, the FSP U3 series is up to 50% smaller than the regular FSP N3 models, giving it a significant advantage over similar adaptors. The smaller and lighter weight gives clients considerable savings in package, shipping, delivery, and storage costs. In addition, the thoughtful L-angle wire design can reduce the damage of the wire joints and improve users’ satisfactions.


Measuring smaller than a smartphone and only 1-inch thick, the new FSP U3 series adapter feature a mature and reliable technology, which provides a conversion efficiency above 90%, adding to its energy efficiency and preventing energy loss. The EMC and IEC standard charger, also has advanced power and temperature surge protection and built in PFC circuit.


FSP U3 series is set to build upon the successes of its predecessor by streamlining power systems in almost any application. They are perfect for AIO computers, gaming NB, NUC, point-of-sale (POS) machines and various consumer devices. Aside from its ultra slim volume efficiency, the U3 Series is also approved for use in multiple countries and meets UL, TUV, CCC, FCC, CE, and CB safety certificates. The U3 Series is no doubt a compact and powerful adapter. FSP provides comprehensive standard item and micro-customization services. We welcome system operators to discuss cooperation opportunities with us. 


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