FSP Group’s CRPS Power Modules Support 2.2 Version of Specifications


【Taipei, 8th Sep. 2022】In response to strong demand for product efficiency from Data Centers and AI, Taiwan’s leading power supply brand FSP Group has announced its CRPS power modules which support CRPS 2.2 Peak power specifications with better performance being achieved within server applications.



FSP Group has developed the CRPS product line over years with a complete product range spanning 550W~3000W. CRPS’s digital power supply design and component packaging, in combination with software and firmware R&D outcomes, leads to efficiency in excess of 96%, with 80 PLUS Platinum or 80 PLUS Titanium certification. The CRPS product line has already met the future specification requirements of clients.


In addition to the high efficiency, high density, and digitalized design, FSP Group’s CRPS product line also has the following product features:


FSP Group’s CRPS is applicable across different application scenarios such as small- and medium-size cloud servers, large data processing centers, etc. In addition to CRPS supporting the standard PMBus 1.2 communications protocol, CRPS’s firmware is also professionally customizable. Complemented by management software developed by its business partners, information managers can instantly monitor the operational statuses of power supplies, thereby enhancing the stability of hardware operations. CRPS products can be complemented by back panels as well as either non-modular or modular outputs to meet a variety of system configuration requirements. FSP Group has a comprehensive lineup of standardized products and capability for highly customized products, thus making it the best electronic power supply supplier for electronics such as 5G, Internet Data Center (IDC), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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