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FSP and Protek showcase comprehensive medical power solutions in COMPAMED 2022


【Taipei News, Nov. 11th, 2022】The Russia-Ukraine war triggers the energy crisis which brings energy saving to the fore. All the European countries are under huge pressure of using less energy on heating, cooling or operating appliances and electronics. Energy efficiency solutions are moving from preferable to must considering for household and individuals towards lowering the high energy bills and costs.


FSP Group has developed a series of medical adapters meeting DoE Level VI and CoC Tier 2 requirements (PMP122 series and PMP150N1 series), high efficiency medical open frame (200W up to 1100W) and 80 PLUS Medical ATX PSU (from 220W to 700W).


In the coming Compamed trade fair, FSP will present comprehensive medical power supplies of FSP and Protek brands. Welcome to visit FSP’s booth and find your most compatible and high reliability medical power solutions.


A quick glance at the latest medical power products we will show you in FSP booth:

Medical wall mount adapter: PMP30M-14


Medical Open Frame: PM500-14B


Medical ATX: FSP500M-80PA


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