A New Line of Platinum-Class ATX 3.0 Power Supplies from FSP


【Taipei News, December 6th, 2022】In 1996, FSP and Intel collaborated to create the first power supply that complied with the ATX specification. FSP began working with Intel as a seed collaborator and has gotten better at developing and designing power supplies over time. FSP850-57ASB, FSP1000-57ASB, and FSP1200-57ASB power supplies for Intel ATX12V V3.0 have recently made their debut! 12VHPWR, the newest PCle Gen5 connector, is included across the whole series. The products are compatible with AMD RX 7000 series and NVIDIA RTX4000 series graphics cards, thereby satisfying market need for high-power consumption GPU and CPU.


Power conversion efficiency has become a requirement for buying a power supply due to the ongoing release of high-power consumption components. All three power outputs of the 57ASB complete series, 850W, 1000W, and 1200W, provide platinum-grade conversion efficiency and exceptional power conversion performance. This series complies with the stringent specifications of ATX12V V3.0. When fully loaded, it can provide high-end graphics cards with a maximum power consumption of 200% of their rated power for 100μs. Even 600W of power can be delivered to graphic cards via the 12VHPWR connector on PCIe Gen5. The body is 10mm shorter than standard ATX power supplies and 60mm shorter than previous large-size ATX platinum power supplies. It can be mounted in either a small or a medium-sized desktop chassis. The short body has advantages such as convenient cable management, excellent heat dissipation, easy installation of other components, etc. Users who have strict requirements for chassis space planning can use it.


The 57ASB series is more compact than standard ATX models, however the fan selection is not diminished. At low speed, the 57ASB series fan delivers outstanding heat dissipation results. thanks to the 12-cm fan of the ATX standard model, which has a similar size to the 8-cm fan of the SFX model. The ECO fan temperature switch can also instruct fan to shut off when the power supply is operating at a low load, keeping users free from noise disruptions.


While releasing high-efficiency and high-quality power products, the FSP, a well-known power supply manufacturer, has not forgotten its obligation to environmental sustainability. In order to offer customers more high-quality products, FSP will continue to develop more high-efficiency and high-quality power supplies.


FSP850/1000/1200-57ASB Product Features:


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