FSP to showcase innovative Modular Charger System at Eurobike 2023


【Taipei, Jun. 09th, 2023】The Frankfurt exhibition show (Eurobike 2023) is to take place at the Frankfurter Messe in Germany on June 21-25. This is the biggest bicycle trade e show in the world, also a major interchanging venue for manufacturers of e-bikes and relevant components.


FSP Group has been an active player in the battery charger industry for many years. This is the first time for us to attend Eurobike 2023. FSP possesses versatile charger solutions and optimized circuit design applicable to respective battery powered devices and battery management systems. In addition to standard battery chargers, current selections also include programmable ‎output chargers and advanced modular charger systems.‎ We provide customed services tailored to different voltage specifications, service environments and safety requirements for versatile applications in different realms, including e-bikes, e-MTBs, power tools, horticulture tools, drones, etc.


Major highlights of our booth will be the newly developed 2-in-1 Charger Module and the 1-for-4 Modular Charger System with independent outputs.


2-in-1 E-bike Charger:

A 42V/6A charger, can be separated into 2 chargers, one master and one slave, 42V/3A each.

Slave Charger: compact design for travel use;

Master Charger: home extension base design with a wire compartment for accommodating wires; when used together with the Slave unit, the combination can provide 6A quick charge. 


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Travel Mode:


Home Base Mode:


4-output Modular Charger System:

Satisfies simultaneous charging requirements of multiple battery packs.


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2023 EUROBIKE FSP Booth Information:  

Date: June 21st-25th 2023

Location: Frankfurter Messe, Germany

Booth No.: 08-I12



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