FSP Power Solution GmbH has established a new R&D center in Mönchengladbach, injecting fresh energy into the European market



【Taipei, April 30th, 2024】FSP Group's German branch office, FSP Power Solution GmbH, officially established a brand-new research and development center in its office in Mönchengladbach, Germany. This move not only expands FSP's presence in the European region but also demonstrates the firm commitment of FSP Power Solution GmbH to the German market.


Mr. Jeff Yen, General Manager of FSP Power Solution GmbH, stated, "The establishment of the research and development center marks a significant milestone in power development. The new center aims to focus on the European market, precisely tailoring power solutions to meet local needs more quickly and flexibly."


Mr. Allen Cheng, General Manager of FSP Group, added, "Our dedication to the European market is stronger than ever. The new research and development center will lead the future of power solutions with continuous innovation and a customer-oriented approach."


With an investment of millions and two years of construction, FSP Power Solution GmbH has built a brand-new research and development center covering thousands of square meters. In addition to research laboratories, it also includes warehouses and parking lots covering hundreds of square meters. The new center will primarily focus on designing high-end chargers, as well as repairing, testing, and modifying the entire range of FSP products.


Currently, the new research and development center has obtained ISO9001 and medical ISO13485 certifications, enabling it to provide power supplies and chargers that meet local requirements in the European region. Furthermore, the establishment of the new center will significantly improve the efficiency of power product maintenance in the European region.


This year (2024) marks the 17th anniversary of FSP Power Solution GmbH's establishment in Germany. The establishment of the new research and development center represents FSP's recognition and commitment to the European market. In the future, we will continue to develop high-efficiency power products to bring you more stable and reliable products for your electrical needs.



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