FSP will showcase its new solar inverters and mobile energy storage systems at Solar & Storage Live Philippines 2024 Expo.


【Taipei, May 10th, 2024】The Philippines holds immense potential for renewable energy development, and FSP will showcase its cutting-edge green energy solutions at the Solar & Storage Live Philippines 2024 Expo. This includes the LightUp solar inverter series, which enables electricity self-sufficiency, and the plug-and-play EnerX 3000 integrated mobile energy storage system. These products will offer Filipino customers innovative renewable energy solutions.


Comprising thousands of islands, the Philippines faces significant challenges in power distribution infrastructure and relies heavily on coal-based generation, resulting in high electricity costs. Filipinos bear the highest electricity tariffs in Southeast Asia, posing a heavy burden. However, with abundant solar resources and long hours of sunlight, the Philippines presents an ideal environment for renewable energy development. Furthermore, with support from government energy transition policies, the development of self-sufficient renewable energy microgrids becomes more favorable. This will improve electricity access in remote areas and islands, alleviate the burden of electricity costs for urban residents, and promote sustainable environmental development in the Philippines.


FSP LightUp off-grid solar inverter series and EnerX 3000 mobile energy storage system represent the optimal combination for achieving electricity self-sufficiency. They can be tailored and installed according to various electricity consumption needs, providing solutions to your electricity challenges. We welcome you to visit FSP booth for further discussion and exploration.


LightUp Off-Grid Solar Inverter Features:
  • 1. Wide range of wattage options: 2KW, 3KW, 5KW, 6KW, 8KW, and 11KW
  • 2. Pure sine wave power output
  • 3. Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi interfaces for connection to monitoring apps
  • 4. Intelligent battery management
  • 5. Compatible with various national grid systems and generators
  • 6. Can be paralleled with multiple inverters
EnerX 3000 Features:
  • 1. Equipped with USB-C PD and USB-A interfaces
  • 2. Provides sockets compatible with various countries
  • 3. Ultra-fast charging capability
  • 4. Automatic charging upon AC power restoration원
  • 5. Can be paralleled for increased output power
  • 6. Compatible with EnerXPack 2500 for extended battery backup time


Applications of FSP Green Energy Solutions:


1. Residential complexes

2. Remote areas with limited access to electricity

3. Island residential communities

4. Areas without public utility infrastructure


FSP is a globally renowned power supply manufacturer, not only providing efficient and stable power supplies but also actively promoting green energy solutions worldwide, contributing to the future of our planet.


Information for FSP booth at the 2024 Solar & Storage Live Philippines:

Date: May 20th to May 21st, 2024

Venue: SMX Convention Center, Manila

Booth Number: 2-J02



For more FSP product information, please visit:

Official website

FSP-branded products website




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