New launched C14 AC inlet adapter and Battery backup medical power supplies will be released at FSP in CMEF 2017


【Taipei, Taiwan - March 11st, 2017】In the coming China International Medical Equipment Fair, FSP is pleased to announce a new series of C14 AC inlet adapter and battery backup power supplies for it’s medical power supply product line. 

FSP has complete C6 and C8 AC inlet medical adapter products, now continue to develop C14 AC inlet specifications to fulfil most medical equipment requirements of the market. The new launched C14 Adapter comes with 65W, 90W and 150W. Meet DOE level VI high efficiency requirement and high altitude 5000 meters operation. (Photo: FSP065M-DGA/FSP090M-RGA/FSP150M-AGA)

The new designed battery backup PSU models are AC-DC 60W open frame and DC-DC 100W open frame, both PSU built in 50W battery charger which can support Lithium-ion battery, real time AC power failure detection and USB 2.0 compatible interface with host computer that allow user easy to build a non-interrupt battery backup power system. (Photo: FSP065-U24/FSP100-U24)

Above is a quick glance of FSP key products in the show, for more understanding of our medical power supply, welcome to Hall 5.1 V06 during May 15-18 in National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai).


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