From Lighting to Software and Energy Storage – FSP Shows How Power Supply Can Make Buildings Smart at Frankfurt's Light + Building 2018


【Taipei, March 15th, 2018】Light + Building in Germany's Frankfurt am Main is a major biennial trade fair for advanced products and services that address the incorporation of luminaires into architectural designs. The event for this year will be held between 18 to 23 March, and FSP Group will again be among the exhibitors that will be competing to show off their cutting-edge technologies. Besides companies working in the global lighting supply chain, solution providers in related fields such as  building automation and services technology will also be there.

Recognized worldwide for its power supply units, FSP is also a veteran in the LED lighting market. On this premier stage in Frankfurt, FSP will be presenting technologies that are crucial to the lighting system of a smart building. Some of the products that FSP will display at Light + Building 2018 include power supply solutions for LED luminaires, energy storage systems, and an energy meter featuring intelligent programming.

Since the start of the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), the lighting market has been instrumental in introducing the concept of “smart living” to consumers. There are now smart lighting technologies for a wide range of applications. In the residential lighting market, smart lighting took off last year and has continued to make rapid progress in terms development and growth. Sensing opportunities, FSP has developed advanced power supply solutions for LED lighting products. The latest of these solutions, DALI DIP, will be showcased at Light + Building 2018. Designed for smaller but highly efficient indoor lighting equipment, the DALI DIP model combines DALI dimming, 0-10V dimming, and resistance dimming into a single product. This allows for more effective management of electrical current for various indoor lighting applications. The DALI interface of the DAL DIP series also meets the latest DALI 2.0 specification standard, which makes it possible for users to adjust their lighting application's color saturation and temperature.

FSP has also taken a big step forward in facilitating interchangeability. Assembly and installation of smart lighting products can be challenging if component manufacturers follow different specification standards. On the other hand, the power supply solutions developed by FSP conform to the Zhaga standard for LED modules. They provide greater compatibility and can be used in various types of downlights and lamps.

FSP offers features that are essential for Human Centric Lighting. LUMITECH's luminaires with PI-LED technology, which will be on display at Light + Building 2018, use FSP solutions to enhance their dimming capability. LUMITECH's products synchronize with biorhythm and imitate natural light conditions of the daily cycle from dawn to dusk. They therefore provide users valuable benefits such as higher productivity during the day and better quality of sleep during the night. FSP too believes that ergonomic products has huge development potential, whether in residential, commercial, or customized lighting segments. Market penetration of ergonomic products, however, will depend on effective hardware and software integration.

FSP has long recognized the importance of integration in the development of IoT-based smart lighting products, and the company started to work on intelligent programming for smart lighting controls five years ago. Now at the stage of maturity, FSP's software technology can take on more functions and execute them with greater precision.

A specimen of this hardware and software synergy is the new smart meter that FSP will be demonstrating for the first time at Light + Building 2018. This smart meter has an intelligent control system that leverages Big Data analytics to help users conserve energy. With the smart meter, FSP now has an even more complete portfolio of products to support customers that are looking for total solution packages for smart lighting.

From its modest beginning as a power supply manufacturer, FSP has emerged a trailblazer in developing innovative lighting solutions for smart buildings. The company adopts a multi-level approach: the lighting-related hardware is the foundation while the smart control system is added to provide the link to the wider IoT ecosystem. FSP also has a range of energy storage systems such as the ION MATE series that can be tied to the entire smart lighting systems of homes and offices to provide backup power. In its mission to help customers finding the right technologies, FSP has left no gaps in its product lineup.

Going forward, FSP will continue to work hard to maintain its strong position in the area of power supply while assisting its partners that are working in different application markets. Street lighting, for instance, is one of the applications that FSP is focusing on due to the market's high-growth potential. It is worth mentioning that numerous exhibitors at Light + Building 2018 will be displaying their products related to 320W outdoor lighting systems. Additionally, FSP is laying the groundwork for future entry into the horticultural lighting market and other higher wattage applications. Having a competitive advantage in developing customizable solutions means that FSP is always prepared to work with clients to open up new market possibilities.


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