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【Taipei, May 7th, 2019】CMEF (China International Medical Equipment Fair) is the largest medical exhibition in the China region. The exhibition contents include dozens of thousands of medical products, technologies and services across the entire industry chain, such as medical imaging, medical tests, in vitro diagnosis, smart medical treatment, smart wearable products, etc. FSP Group is a global leader in medical industry power supply manufacturing that displayed newly developed products at the exhibition in the past 9 consecutive years, providing tailored medical power products for visiting buyers and other exhibitors. 


This year, FSP will display the newly developed 400W/500W PC ATX power MPE (FSP400-70MPE and FSP500-70MPE) and PA (FSP400M-80PA and FSP500M-80PA) series that are compliant with the INTEL x86 system platform design; they have built-in DC-DC 3.3V and 5V designs, and they provide outstanding drive capabilities. The MPE series have PS2 dimensions while the PA series have 1U dimensions and meet the 80 Plus Gold power consumption requirements. 


In order to meet the needs of different medical terminal equipment, FSP provides 30W desktop and wall-plugged medical powers. The 30W IEC-320-C14 (FSP030M-DxA) desktop medical power adapter complies with the DOE Level VI and ErP Tier 2 power consumption regulations, and provides 85Vac operating voltage. The wall-plugged medical power adapter complies with the DOE Level VI and ErP Tier 2 power consumption regulations, provides 80Vac operating voltage and satisfies the IEC 60601-1-11 home care requirements. These series models also come with multiple solution selections with fixed American specifications plug (FSP030M-xxU), fixed European specifications plug (FSP030M-xxE) and replaceable plug (FSP030M-xxM-x). 


FSP medical power products have many product advantages, provide different specifications and customized services, and have highly efficient and highly stable reliable qualities. We welcome you to visit the FSP booth at Hall 5.1, Stand R51 from May 14th-17th to find the medical power products dedicated to your industrial applications. 






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