FSP Eco Line-interactive Uninterrupted Power System -- The most worthy option of computer work station


【Taipei,Jun.26, 2019】The wailing sounds that rise and fall in succession during the power outage is reckoned as the nightmare of every wage-earner. At this time, an uninterruptible power system allows you to archive data and shut down the equipment with ease. If the power outage is too far stretching, you can also use the battery cold start-mode in the uninterruptible power system to charge your mobile device, helping you with instant messaging from stoppage.


As the famous manufacturer of global power supply, FSP Group knows the needs of consumers. The appearance of Eco series UPS is stable and introverted, while its functions are not to be underestimated. Given with its compact size, it can, simultaneously, supply power to computers, screens, routers, and other equipment, considered to be topping on their priority list for home computers or small office computer workstations. Besides, it also has USB Type A charging port which can provide 5V/1A power for mobile devices (such as mobile phones, tablets, hand-held game consoles, and others). In addition, RJ45 slots can effectively protect communication devices from damage of lightning, still you can be unaffected by any power problems no matter if you are working or having entertainment. Most of all, you are also offered the chance to connect your computer via USB Type B to monitor the utility of Eco series in real time.


Eco series is compact and tiny, and can be used flat on table or mounted on the wall near computer, not to mention about information, communication, and other equipment to effectively use space and take fashion and aesthetics into account. Besides, since the rib design of the device edge is especially reinforced that by the time you are to pick up the device the endurance of the plug is enhanced during plugging and unplugging. Also, the resettable circuit breaker is designed to automatically cut the power off when power is overloaded; as such, it allows you to make use of multiple devices and charge the mobile devices at the same time from any worry. As for the full range of models, they provide 400, 600 800VA three separate kinds of watt, and are designed with fan and low noise. Hence, users are given the chance to protect the global environment on one hand, and they are also completely undisturbed when using.


FSP Group has always considered for you thoughtfully, and accurately implemented your requirements for product specifications and functional features, just like the spirit of FSP Group, "Power Never Ends! 』.

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