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FSP releases 252W fan less battery charger - Optimized Charging Curve Design -


【Taipei, May. 26th, 2020】 Batteries are closely related to our daily lives; lithium battery technologies evolved very rapidly since they are used as the source of power for electric cars, bicycles and scooters by many major manufacturers, and so chargers have also become increasingly important with the development of batteries. FSP started as a professional power supply manufacturer that provided AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies; since we announced our crossing into the charger industry in 2019, we started providing charger products with high performance, high reliability, as well as powerful heat dissipation that are programmable and have fully protected designs. The chargers are divided into three major categories based on their applications, including mobile, on-board, and industrial chargers. The mobile chargers focus on being lightweight and have compact designs; products with 42V/6A-8A output and fan-less designs solving the issues of noise and accumulated dust. They are suitable for applications such as electric bicycles and scooters etc. The wattage selection of on-board chargers range from 500W to 1.8KW, and have special customized specifications for different terminal equipment; they are suitable for applications such as large dusting machines, electric transportation vehicles or electric boats. The wattage design of industrial chargers is over 2KW, and they are suitable for pure electric/hybrid powered new energy tools including electric off-road vehicles or mobile warehousing machineries, and equipment that have frequent high-level vibrations, impacts, and temperature changes (including refrigeration).


Battery Charger with Optimized Charging Curve Design

FSP released a new generation 252W mobile charger, FSP252-10S6AC18 with a charging efficiency as high as over 94%. Its optimized charging curve design allows the output voltage to be adjusted through the firmware and can perform charging curve designs based on the customer’s selection of whether to use lithium batteries or lead-acid batteries. This product also has a fan-less design that prevents dust from gathering that may cause damage to the internal structure of the product, or creating noises. FSP252-10S6AC18 can support the needs of various battery management systems, and also provides several DC Jack options in order to meet customization needs; it can be used with many battery modules currently available on the market. Battery-powered devices such as electric bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, and wheelchairs etc. are already part of people’s lives; since these devices are in close proximity with their users and are used quite frequently, safe and stable chargers are needed even more for these devices to prevent batteries from causing accidents due to overcharging and over-discharging. They can even prolong the battery lives effectively.


FSP Provides Customized Battery Charger Design Solutions

FSP used its professional R&D and manufacturing capabilities and developed many smart charger products successfully, it even became the designated cooperative development partner of many major international battery module manufacturers; we are able to develop projects for customized products based on actual application needs of the customers. Equipment manufacturers and battery module manufacturers of all fields are welcomed to contact us to discuss collaboration projects at: sales@fsp-group.com.tw


More product specifications of FSP252-10S6AC18:




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