FSP Medical Power Supplies for Rechargeable Medical Devices - Improving Medical Quality and Safeguarding Patient Health


【Taipei,Sep.3, 2020】Medical institutions are major sites for safeguarding the lives and health of patients. When it comes to medical devices, stable and durable power supplies are fundamental to safeguarding the lives of patients. A power supply supplemented by rechargeable batteries installed in medical devices allows the medical devices to be unrestricted in the case of a mains power failure during use while being moved. At the same time, it can overcome interference due to momentary mains power failures or voltage instability, thereby ensuring stable computer operations. Without data loss concerns, the mobility and convenience of medical practice can be greatly enhanced.

The FSP Group’s FSP550-70MUA has a 500-watt ATX-grade medical power supply featuring battery recharging. This power supply adopts the external appearance of a PS2, with 500W maximum output power and 50W charging power to support 24V lead-acid batteries. The power supply itself can detect momentary AC power failures. The USB2.0 compatible interface contacts the host, allowing the host to readily monitor the power supply and battery status. By connecting to the AC power, it will maintain its automatic charging state and ensure a relatively high level of battery power.

In addition to the wide range of applications featured in the FSP550-70MUA throughout the medical industry, the product is intended for personal and industrial computers that require rechargeable power supplies. The product has passed the IEC 60601-1 medical design standards and is in line with EN 55011 & EN 55022 EMI and IEC 60601-1-2 EMC medical standards. FSP’s power supplies for medical use include a variety of specifications, with a wide range of applications. If you have customization needs, you are welcome to bring those needs up.


<FSP FSP550-70MUA>Product Fearures:


Notice: The product itself does not contain battery.


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