CRPS Power Solutions for 5G Applications


【Taipei, Dec.29th, 2020】A great amount of reconstruction of hardware equipment is required by terminal applications, Macro Sites, Micro Sites, transmission networks, core networks, or cloud data centers in the age of 5G to satisfy the needs for high speed transmission and various applications of Internet of Things. In order to achieve high frequency and efficiency goal in a 5G communication environment, different 5G equipment needs power supplies with high power and small volume (namely having a high power density), and meeting the standard of intelligent power management. To satisfy the requirements of the power supply demand for the 5G market, FSP Group, always lead the trend, has been devoting a great deal of resources to develop the most complete 5G power supply products on the market. FSP Group aims to bring the clients that participate in 5G-related applications power supply solutions which satisfy every need on just one site.


As systems are developed to be open-source and standardized, there is a need for various types of standard power supplies. FSP Group understands what clients need and thus provides standard power supplies and customized power supply services for transmission network BTO equipment (i.e. servers, gateways, routers, storage). Meanwhile, these power supply solutions are compatible with old systems, which avoids problems of the integration of old and new systems for clients.


FSP Group has the largest variety of wattages of CRPS products in the industry, ranging from 550W to 3000W. In addition, 550W~2400W products are unified into the same size so that clients don’t need to adjust the size of their computer cases when upgrading, enjoying a smooth upgrade when changing to a power supply with a higher wattage. FSP Group CRPS products have the following features that satisfy all of the 5G equipment requirements for manufacturers:



FSP Group CRPS products apply to various locations such as small or medium cloud servers or large data processing centers. These products not only support the standard PMBus 1.2 protocol, but also provide professional firmware customization that, along with the management software developed by FSP's partner, enables information administrators to timely monitor the operation of power supplies and boost the stability of the operating hardware systems. Different options of CRPS products are available, including single module, 1U, and 2U power supplies. Two kinds of cables are also offered to choose from: non-modular and modular. Clients can flexibly select the most ideal products according to their system deployment requirements. With complete and standard products and great customization service, FSP Group becomes the best power supply product supplier of this 5G, IDC, AI, and IIoT trends.






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