FSP offers a full spectrum of power supply solutions, enabling 5G smart living


【Taipei, May 3, 2021】FSP has long been committed to providing a wide range of reliable power supply solutions to help realize the future of smart living. Comprising hundreds of software and hardware engineers throughout the world, the FSP team is capable of delivering comprehensive technical support and service to partners. Taking market mainstream standardized and smartized power supplies for example, FSP’s portfolio of power supply products feature expandability, digital control and communication capability in addition to high power density, high efficiency and resistance to harsh conditions, making FSP the designated partner of leading international firms.


Mature image recognition and NB-IoT technologies are parking lots in Taiwan growingly smart. Surveillance systems automatically identify license plates such that car owners no longer need to retrieve and keep the parking token/slip and parking lot operators can save tremendous management costs. In the future, such smart services coupled with 5G mobile communication will allow one control center to simultaneously monitor multiple parking lots and remotely respond to car owners’ needs, for example, opening the barrier gate. In view of enormous 5G opportunities, a slew of IT device suppliers are foraying into the 5G white-box telecom equipment market, attempting to grab business from traditional telecom operators. According to  CJ Chen, product R&D, director, FSP, 5G network equipment is developing toward open source and standardization while telecom equipment is developing in a way more like IT devices. Apart from traditional telecom equipment providers such as Nokia, a lot of network communication device manufacturers are introducing 5G-compliant white-box equipment developed based on open-source solutions and network function virtualization (NFV) concepts. However, in the intense 5G equipment competition, vendors must speed up time-to-market or else they will fail to capture the rare opportunity.


TC Chu, senior manager, product and marketing, FSP, noted that 5G equipment must be able to process a large amount of data within a short period of time and thus imposes rigorous requirements on power supplies. FSP provides a full spectrum of power supply products for 5G equipment. Aside from offering network equipment manufacturers standard power supplies that are compliant with safety regulations, FSP also provides a certain level of customization under the premise of not affecting regulatory compliance certifications. This allows network equipment manufacturers to focus efforts on its own product R&D and accelerate time-to-market to grab preemptive 5G opportunities while reducing subsequent maintenance costs for their equipment.


FSP spokesman Wen-Chun Yao commented that FSP’s technological strength gives the company an edge over the competition and allow FSP to quickly put together a power supply solution suited to customer needs. FSP is also capable of accommodating manufacturers’ needs for customization, shortening the time it takes for them to penetrate into new market segments.


“For example, a well-known network equipment manufacturer approached FSP for joint development of an outdoor router power supply. Not only must the product comply with AT&T / NEBS safety regulations and be lightning and fire proof but it also has to operate in the temperature range between -40° and 65°C,” said Chen. He added “After understanding the customer’s requirements, the FSP team quickly made slight customization to the existing 450W Slim Redundant power supply and provided an ideal solution that’s exactly what the customer needs without affecting safety certifications.” By enabling minor customization to its standardized products, FSP increases efficiency and reduces costs while demonstrating its robust R&D capability, allowing FSP to perfectly address market needs.


To keep up with rapid IoT and smart service advances, for the past two years, edge computing is growingly adopted as an ideal solution to promptly responding to end devices. For example, AI-capable edge servers in a smart factory can detect product defects on the spot. As 5G services become widely available, FSP thinks data centers will develop into large-scale or even super-scale data centers that support cloud computing and small-scale data centers that support edge computing.


Large-scale or super-scale data centers need power supplies that are scalable, centralized and automated, not only for the benefit of maintenance cost reduction but also for administrators to easily stay on top of equipment conditions through remote monitoring. Power supplies for small-scale data centers will trend toward miniaturization and smartization while featuring energy efficiency, resistance against harsh conditions, high power density, wide operating temperature range and lightning protection. According to Chen, targeting applications in wide-ranging operating conditions, FSP offers hundreds of standardized products which are all certified for compliance with multiple safety regulations. For a diversity of 5G equipment, FSP has prepared corresponding power supply solutions featuring water and dust resistance as well as modular design. Coupled with minor customization to FSP’s complete range of products, FSP is able to satisfy every need of the industry.


In consideration of the diverse requirements of 5G equipment, FSP will also engage in strategic alliances with upstream, midstream and downstream partners to jointly provide total 5G solutions and thereby tap into the massive 5G market.



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