FSP offers medical power supplies of excellent stability and high efficiency


【Taipei, Taiwan - Mar. 13rd 2017】With advance of medical level, more and more medical equipment has been developed, and comprehensively applied to various medical facilities. Due to specificity of medical equipment, medical power supplies always have higher requirements when compared with other power supply products. With progress of electronic technology, medical power supply products become smaller in size and lighter in weight; in addition, the power consumption of these products also keeps decreasing.


When users select medical power supplies, reliability is an important consideration. FSP always makes sure our power supply products can follow up the laws and be updated to conform to strictest regulations in order to provide most reliable products for our users. By hard work of all FSP members, we also obtains the certification of the latest ISO 13485 Medical Devices - Quality Management Systems. The new standards regulate the quality management system of products, and make sure the design, R&D, manufacturing, storage and transportation of medical equipment can be processed by a consistent risk management flow so as to make all finished products of medical equipment conform to their expected development purposes.


FSP has engaged in medical power supplies for many years, we not only develop standard power supply products of excellent stability, high efficiency and applicable to various medical application fields, but also provide customized medical power supplies by our professional R&D team so as to conform to the latest requirements in medical equipment.


The medical power supply products provided by FSP have many advantages. FSP will exhibit medical power supplies with various specifications in Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES) during March 16-19 this year. We welcome you to visit us in the show.

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