FSP displays power products that comply with EN62368-1 at 2018 Embedded World exhibition


【Taipei, February 22, 2018】Since the networking equipment application power displayed by the FSP Group at the Embedded World exhibition last year in Nuremberg received many great reviews from customers, this year FSP leads the industry and will display power products that comply with the future safety regulation standard EN62368-1 at the 2018 exhibition; DIN Rail power products from FORTRON SOURCE brand will also be displayed at the booth. 


The EU announced a new regulation EN62368-1 for IT products and AV products that will fully replace the current EN60950-1 and EN60065 in 2019. If manufacturers of related products passively wait until 2019 to make the safety regulation conversion, there will be many unexpected problems. In light of this, FSP has gradually updated its PC/IPC/Adapter/Open Frame product line products to meet the EN62368-1 specification in order to help end-customers shorten the suffering period during the safety regulation conversion, and gain market opportunities first-hand before this new safety regulation is enforced in the future. Product managers will provide detailed planning explanations to customers at the exhibition site. 


In addition to actively updating product specifications to meet market and customer needs, in 2018, FSP also formed a strategic alliance with FORTRON SOURCE to display its DIN Rail power supply products. Currently there are four wattages 40W/ 60W/ 90W/ 120W available for selection. This type of DIN Rail power not only has passed industrial safety standards, its advantages also include high efficiency, high stability, and high durability. It is applicable for various fields including the automation industry, logistics, transportation, civil engineering and agriculture, etc. As for equipment terminals, it is applicable for mechanical control systems, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, distribution system/material pickup equipment, process control systems, testing and measuring equipment, etc. 


The FSP Group is a leading global power industry manufacturer, providing customers with comprehensive power integration solutions from power supply to power integration equipment. To find out more information on the products described above, please visit us at the Embedded World exhibition held in Nuremberg, Germany. 


Date : 27 February - 1 March, 2018
Exhibition Centre Nürnberg, Germany
Booth No. : Hall 2 Stand 555


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