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【Taipei, March 9th, 2018】With many years of development in the field of medical power supply, FSP has participated in many important medical exhibitions each year to provide the most reliable power supply products for medical equipment manufacturers worldwide. In the coming KIMES show (March 15-18), FSP will be located on booth Hall B / B632, and is going to showcase the latest specifications of medical power, including the C14 AC inlet medical adapters and high-end open frame:

FSP launched C14 AC inlet medical adapters including 65W, 90W and 150W output voltages in 2017 H2.(models: FSP065M-DGA/FSP090M-RGA/FSP150M-AGA). It comes with high efficiency DOE Level VI & compact dimension with an IEC320/C14 inlet to mate world-wide medical device applications. Furthermore, all models meet EN55011, EN55022 and FCC class B emission limits, providing a safer product environment to users. 

In this show, FSP will demonstrate  FSP model FSP650M-K48BF and Protek model PM1100, both of the models features: BF Class insulation; operation altitude up to 5000 meters; less than 300μA leakage current; EN55011 Class B conducted emissions; Inhibit -TTL high to disable output; power consumption in standby mode less than 1W at standby power 5V /100 mA etc.

Besides the full commitment to the development of high stability, high efficiency and meet a variety of medical applications of standard products, FSP owns more than 500 RD team members to provide customized power supplies. Welcome to visit and understand our remarkable products in 2018 KIMES!


For more FSP product information, please visit:

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