FSP to Demonstrate Its Commitment to Develop Solutions for the IoT Age at LFI 2018


The FSP Group, one of the world’s major power supply vendors, will be presenting its latest smart lighting technologies at this year's LIGHTFAIR International (LFI) that will be held in Chicago from May 8 to 10. Solutions that FSP will bring to the event include intelligent programming for smart lighting controls and high-efficiency lighting products, both of which are central to the company's committed strategy to stake out a position in the growing market of the Internet of Things (IoT).


With respect to the interior lighting applications, FSP has already established a strong presence in the high-end and mid-range segments of the commercial and office lighting market. FSP's main offerings in this area are compact and high-efficiency solutions within the 100W range, and they are widely used in shopping centers and display cases in department stores around Europe and Japan. As FSP expands into the market for luminaires installed in smart buildings, the company believes that the most ideal solutions for constructing “omnipresent” and intelligent lighting systems will be based on IoT technologies. An IoT-based control platform will be able to collect and analyze vital data (e.g. power consumption, temperatures surrounding the power sources, and etc.) in every corner of the building. In particular, sensors can be used to efficiently distribute power across the network of luminaires. To realize this vision of smart lighting technologies in the North American market, FSP is currently working with the IoT-Ready Alliance in its efforts to standardize the connection interfaces between smart luminaires and various sensors.


To improve connectivity and data access among smart lighting products, FSP has developed power supplies equipped with feeder terminal units (FTUs) that can measure indicators such as temperature, power consumption, and brightness. FSP furthermore has created intelligent programing software to complement the power supplies so that high-end luminaires can automatically adjust their brightness, compensate illumination for certain effects, and even issue end-of-life warnings. Moreover, users can change the lighting of certain areas to create special ambiances via ZigBee, Bluetooth, or DALI.


FSP is developing IoT-based solutions not just for lighting but for many other areas as well. The deployment of IoT technologies extends to applications related to various industries, servers, mining, and even 5G cellular communication. In the case of industrial applications, FSP continues to expand its product lines to encompass high-power lighting systems for harbors, warehouses, indoor farms, and etc. 

Many advanced features are incorporated into FSP's power supplies, such as active PFC (capable of achieving PF of 0.99), comprehensive lightning surge protection, and three-in-one dimming (i.e. 1-10Vdc, PWM signal, and resistance dimming). FSP's products moreover are certified under the UL safety standards and meet the requirements for Class 2 Power Units, Class P Program, 80W waterproof standard, and etc. Going forward, FSP will focus on developing power supplies that support 600-1,000W lighting equipment.


At LFI, FSP will be seeking collaboration opportunities with wireless module suppliers and downstream system integrators to develop customized lighting products that offer high profit margins for all parties involved in the design and manufacturing. Ben Cheng, senior manager of FSP's LED lighting unit, said that making just power supplies simply are not good enough for clients, who now need additional functions that require wireless connection and IoT-related technologies. Cheng furthermore pointed out FSP also offers intelligent programming software that will create truly integrated solutions that are not just in keeping with the current development trends but also leading ahead of them. 


Since its humble beginning as a power supply manufacturer, FSP continues to strive for excellence and innovation as the dynamics of the market change with advances in communication technologies and the advent of the Internet. Looking ahead, FSP will keep improving its technologies and expand its product lines to cover more applications.



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