Statement of Clarification on FSP Group's Brand


【Taipei, Aug.31, 2018】FSP Group has continued to grow its business. Recently in the IT market, Qdion claimed to be a sub-brand of FSP. The statement is false and FSP would like to specifically offer clarification and statement to clients worldwide. Before the end of February 2018, FSP Group did, in fact, provide contract manufacturing service to part of Qdion's products. In order to avoid misunderstandings, FSP had terminated the relationship of contract manufacturing. The subsequent products and services provided by Qdion are not related to FSP.


FSP Group is one of the world's leading companies in power supply. Since its establishment in 1993, the company has adhered to its core business philosophy of "Service. Professionalism. Innovation." to continue being a supplier of high-efficiency power supply providing specialized products and services to its clients. To grow the customer base, FSP initiated technical collaboration with 3Y Power Technology in 2005 and integrated resources of both parties through reorganization to focus on the development of high-end servers, data storage, network communication and various types of redundant power supplies. In 2007, Protek Power joined the FSP Group and was renamed as the Kaohsiung Branch of FSP to continue providing the best power supply solutions to FSP's clients based on its 30 years of experience in designs for the medical power supply.


FSP Group currently has sub-brands such as 3Y Power Technology, Protek Power and Amacrox, as well as an affiliated company, SPI. FSP is able to provide clients with high-reliability ICT power products based on its excellent in-house research and development capabilities. In the future, we will continue to cultivate the fields of green energy solutions, 5G and blockchain applications and provide even more competitive services to become the most trustworthy partner for clients, consumers and suppliers and co-create value with them.



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