Choose a reliable medical power supply from FSP at KiMES 2016


【Taipei, Taiwan - March 9th, 2016】Stable, reliable and long life power supplies are critical for effective operations of medical equipment. FSP is devoted to developing a wide range of highly reliable, highly efficient, medical power supply product lines for various applications. Different from other power supply manufacturers, FSP provides the widest range to allow you choosing the best power supply to suit your instruments e.g :
PC ATX output power from 220W~700W 
Adapter output power from 15W~220W 
Open Frame output power from 40W~650W
PSU with battery charger
Our key product ranges, four of which are shown below will be in Booth B635 at KiMES in Korea, 17th to 20th March and we welcome you to our booth for a demonstration and product discussion.
FSP550-70MUA is a highly integrated 550W ATX form factor PSU and FSP400M-U48 series is a 400W single output with +5Vsb box power, both PSU built in 50W battery charger which can support Lithium-ion, LiFePO4 & Lead-acid battery, real time AC power failure detection and USB 2.0 compatible interface with host computer that allow user easy to build a non-interrupt battery backup power system.
FSP045M-B24 series is 45W in 2” x 4” and FSP035M-B23 series is 35W in 2” x 3”, single output voltage including 5V, 12V, 15V, 18V and 24V. Both series are designed for Class I or Class II, suiting B/BF isolation and operating altitude up to 5000 meters.
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