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【Taipei, Aug. 29th, 2019】With the arrival of an aging society, governments around the globe are promoting the concept of “aging at home”. In conjunction with the need for welfare policies, home healthcare medical devices are a necessity in providing the elderly with long-term care needs. In order to realize home healthcare and in addition to the instruments that collect the patient's physiological data, it is also necessary to connect home monitoring equipment with remote health care equipment. These combine medical care, ICT technologies, electronic medical equipment, and so forth, giving rise to the professional medical technology and service industries.


In light of the growing needs for residential related services, FSP has developed power supplies that conform to the needs of different medical terminal equipment. These include the 30W wall mount adapter with fixed AC plug, which is widely used in home medical applications. Examples include patient monitor, medical monitor, pulse oximeters, vascular diagnostic, automated erythrocyte sedimentation rate analyzer, medical humidifier, electric sphygmomanometer and other medical applications such as in vitro diagnostic devices.


Since home healthcare medical devices are not normally operated by medical professionals but rather rely on patients or their home carers, the stability of the power source in the actual environment of use may be less stable than in professional medical institutions; therefore, the overall equipment safety design is of utmost importance. FSP cares about the safety of home care equipment users and has launched a range of dedicated power supplies for home healthcare medical devices. The product features include operation altitudes up to 5000 meters, rated as a Class-II power supply with double insulation protection, insulation voltage (Hi-Pot) up to 4000 VAC, touch current 100 μA maximum, and overvoltage, over temperature and short circuit protection mechanisms for the highest safety protection for patients. 


The 30W medical power supply provided by FSP has both American and European plug designs, measuring at only 77 x 44.8 x 33.5mm and is space saving in your home. The product is designed with high efficiency and compliant with DoE level VI efficiency requirements. The no-load power consumption is ≦0.1W, which makes the equipment more energy-efficient when in standby mode. In addition, all models meet the EN55011 and FCC class B emission limits.


The FSP030M-DxU & FSP030M-DxE series, with input voltage range 85-264 VAC and output voltage 5V (20W) and 12V, have obtained the IEC 60601-1-11 product certification for home medical use. The FSP030M-KxU & FSP030M-KxE series meet the requirements of IEC 60601-1-11, their most prominent feature is the provision of 80~264VAC working voltages and can offer sufficient output voltage even under the 80V input voltage condition. It meets the home life-support equipment specifications and available in several models of output voltages 10V/12V/18V/24V. Customers can choose the most appropriate power supply to meet the need of your home medical equipment.


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