FSP Declares Its Entrance into Korea's Industrial Application Market


【Taipei, Sep. 26th, 2019】FSP's own brand retail power supplies have always been number one among the Taiwanese brands sold in the Korea region; this shows just how much the Korean public trusts and supports FSP PSUs. In order to expand its services for the PSU needs by B2B in Korea, FSP will participate in the Korea Electronics Show (KES) this year to officially enter the B2B PSU market. Since Korea is a leading market in global 5G and AIoT industry fields, we will be displaying a series of industrial products for related applications during this exhibition.


Currently the entire world is focusing on the development of the fifth generation mobile communication technology (5G), and Korea is one of the main leaders in the 5G industry. Since this technology relies on the extremely high frequency (EHF) technology to transmit signals, its signals need denser small cells to provide users with data and voice services; and the PSUs used for these base stations must include features such as resistance to high temperature, dust-proof, moisture-proof and long usage life etc. FSP is ahead of the power industry and has already developed a series of different products that can provide wireless broadband connectors including PSU for RUU (Remote Radio Unit), UPS (Uninterruptible Power System), PDU (Power Distribution Unit) that can distribute three-phase power, high speed network switches, and DC/DC as well as AC/DC BBU (Base Bend Unit). The products have high stability and can be connected and integrated for use, providing customers with different modes of usage scenarios.


The most important thing in the AIoT industrial equipment application field is uninterrupted power supply for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year in order for related equipment to operate smoothly and realize a real world of smart internet. FSP currently owns over a dozen power product lines including 1U, redundant PSU, CRPS and UPS that can be applied for cloud and data center service servers; there are Flex ATX and ATX specification PSUs that can be applied for equipment related to edge computing systems, and external PSU, open frame designs, Flex ATX and chargers to satisfy different terminal devices. FSP’s abundant power product lines and customizable R&D capability can satisfy all power needs that customers have in the AIoT field, and help customers realize their development visions for smart cities, transportation, logistics, environmental protection, industrial, agriculture, utilities, smart buildings and consumer industries.


We welcome you to FSP's booth during KES; we have professional product managers to serve you:


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