12V And 54V Networking Power Supply


The right power supply is a crucial element of your networking setup. In this article, you will discover why a networking power supply is important and the key features of a power supply that could be relevant for your needs.


When you are setting up networking in your business model or commercial organization, it is important to make sure that you are choosing the right power supply. An open frame power supply can provide a wide range of benefits and support different applications within your network.


There are various ways that a power supply can be used in your network that could benefit your setup. Here are some of the key possibilities.


What Can A Networking Power Supply Be Used For?

Networking Switch


Power supplies can be used to support the function of a networking switch. This allows different devices on a network to be connected for the purpose of sharing resources. It is always going to be a key part of a modern business network setup. A network provides an alternative to a router or a hub and can either be managed or unmanaged. Managed switches do provide far more functionality, but both will require the support of the right power supply. Intelligent switches are also commonly used in a modern setup.


PoE Switch


The right power supply can also be used to provide the correct setup for a PoE switch. A key benefit of a PoE switch is that it will allow you to get rid of the restrictions that come with non-PoE switches including additional extension cables. It can provide users with the ability to install systems like surveillance cameras exactly where they are needed and ensure that a wireless environment is a real possibility. Indeed, good PoE switches using the right power supply can enable a simple work management protocol which ensures that switches are easier to manage and deploy. This type of setup for businesses is also more cost-effective. The right networking power supply makes this possible.




A power supply can also be used for NAS (Network Attached Storage). If you are unable to gain access to the right data, then you are always going to struggle to provide customers with the best level of service. This can also lead to a loss of sales. An open frame power supply can be used to power a NAS device that will allow the retrieval of data from a central location for business owners and key network users to access. Essentially, you can power your own private cloud in the office at a low cost. This also provides a reliable way to backup essential data in your business model and ensure that it is always accessible. Data storage is centralized and kept safe using a system like this.




A networking power supply can also be used for the set up of security systems such as an NVR. An NVR will be required to ensure that video surveillance footage can be stored and accessed by a business owner. This is a straightforward and flexible solution that provides both storage and recording that will be perfect for the needs of a smaller business. The right power supply will ensure that your NVR continues to operate without any issues.




Networking power supplies may be part of a docking setup. A docking system is a perfect way to keep a business model flexible while ensuring that business owners and employees can access the benefits of a desktop setup. Users will be able to access higher speeds and availability as well as connection to the cloud through the right docking support. It ensures that different parts of a business remain flexible while ensuring that everyone can still access the same network in the most efficient way.


Features Of Networking Power Supplies


It is important to explore the list of features before settling on the networking power supply that is going to be right for you. For instance, you might want to look at different levels of protection. For instance, our PoE Open Frame Power supply provides both Surge and Brown-out protection. As such, if the power exceeds a certain limit, your network will still be able to access the power it needs to function. Similarly, your network will continue to operate if the level of power is limited.


Other networking power supplies such as the FSP260-P35 will provide you with more power in controlling and managing your system. For instance, this open frame power supply will provide remote on/off control. This means regardless of whether you are in the location, you will be able to ensure that you are still in complete control of whether the system is functioning. You will also be able to turn it off if there is a fault that could cause issues with your business network and ensure that a problem is effectively isolated.


It is important to ensure that the networking power supply that you choose is suitable for your voltage outputs. You need to check whether it is isolated between 12V or 54V outputs.


Some systems can also provide other benefits too. For instance, our open frame power supplies are designed to operate at high altitudes of 5000 meters. As such, they could be perfect for use in a larger office complex while still providing the level of reliability that you need.


Other systems may provide users with a warning of an imminent system shutdown. This will allow you to preserve and protect your data, ensuring that your business continues to function effectively after a period of downtime.


Regardless of whether you require a 12V or 54V networking power supply, this is going to be a vital element of your setup. It is important to choose the right power supply that provides the key features that you need. Many power supplies will provide safety features that will ensure that the power you need to transfer data is protected and does not fail you at an inopportune moment. That’s why you need to carefully consider which one will be right for you.



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